Madrid (Spain) March 2018

The BMW Urban Xcape event in Madrid took place on March 10 and 11 2018, based on two powerful ideas: Show a variety activities in an incredible space that has been closed to the public for more than 100 years under the premise of being the first and last time, and present a combination of proposals around art, music or gastronomy.

In the part related to Street Art, we found a miriad of artists and interventions that undoubtedly placed the event as one of the most prominent in Spain; ARYZ, PANTONE, PICHIAVO, KENOR, ROSH333, URIGINAL, MUSA, SPOK, THE CHILD OF PAINTS and ZETA made up an impressive list of authors sharing their actions among murals, live performances and workshops.

Powered by Tango for BMW, curated by NOBULO.

Worldwide 2012-2020

Streets of Colour is the itinerant project in which Street Art takes inspiration from the sensations and colors of wine, in close collaboration with the well-known brand Campo Viejo (Pernod Ricard), to create works of art around the world.
Cities such as Madrid, London, Mexico, Miami, Oslo or Warsaw among others have had the opportunity to witness the work of artists like Remed, Okuda, 3TTman, Spok, Nuria Mora or San.

Powered by NOBULO.

Rabat, Morocco. 2015

Avant d´oublier «Before we forget» is an artistic and social project focused on the city and its inhabitants.
It is an exercise of deference towards singular elements of the patrimony cultural immaterial that define aspects of urban reality.
A tribute to a series of trades and professions, and to the people who currently exercise them, to witness their cultural and emotional importance. To highlight his contribution to collective consciousness and memory.

A project created by NOBULO.

Morocco – Spain – France. 2011 – 2015

GARDENS is an artistic project of a social nature that aims to transform the environment through art and improve the life of people.
In it, several street artists of international stature like Popay, El Niño de las Pinturas, San, Dhear, Fusca, act in urban areas to form an artistic landscape that transforms its facades into gardens.

An original idea by NOBULO.


Mexico, France. 2010 – 2013

Seres Queridos (Loved Ones/Etres Aimés) is an international-level artistic project that builds a bridge between the inhabitants of neighborhoods around the world and their urban environment. The project has been held in various cities and continents since 2010.
Seres Queridos is based on the active participation of the neighbors of a city that choose and designate loved ones from their own community: admired, appreciated, anonymous but close. These people are photographed and their story is told.
Original concept by Nobulo.


Madrid, Barcelona, Moscow, Casablanca (2010).

Launch of this artistic product applied in decoration.
Creations of the artist Diva in collaboration with the Swarovski brand.
Presentation in Madrid, Barcelona, Moscow, Casablanca (2010).

Nueva York, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona 2008-2009
In collaboration with Plural.

Traveling exhibitions with 3 renowned urban artists (Nano4814, San and Okuda) in renowned galleries throughout the world.
More than 3,000 attendees. 680,000 euros of international media coverage.

Barcelona, Madrid 2006-2007
In collaboration with Humana Cultura.

Image strategies
Curatorship of artists for graphic realizations.
Exhibitions, vernissages, cultural presentations (CCCB, Caixa Forum, Iguapop, N2, N3, Subaquatic …) introducing the Miniblack brand in artistic fields.

Spain, Germany, Japan. 2003-2004
In collaboration with Strike.

(Madrid / Barcelona / Granada) 20 events created adhoc with StreetArt, BodyArt, VideoArt and Alternative Percussion artists.

(Berlin) Alternative art show with German and Spanish artists in an old factory in East Berlin.

(Tokyo) BreakDance, Emergent Sculpture, BodyArt, Video Installation.8 Spanish artists, 8 selected Japanese artists, a DJ from New York (Kenny Dope). BreakDance, Emergent Sculpture, BodyArt, Video Installation.