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ADDA Gallery Ibiza presents



On July 23 ADDA Gallery Ibiza opens “Passion”, the new exhibition by the Brazilian artist Fefe Talavera, curated by Anna Dimitrova and supported by Campo Viejo, which can be visited until September 4. An exhibition with works full of color, wild animals and mysticism.

Fefe Talavera‘s works are metaphors of human, subconscious and strong emotions such as passion, anger, dreams or desires. Inspired by the innate light and dark of the world we inhabit, ella’s colorful beasts connect us to our inner selves and represent the artist’s cultural roots, as well as the powerful energy of her work that can be seen in the streets around of the world.

Completing this exhibition, the interior of the gallery will also house a mural created by 3TTMAN inspired by Campo Viejo and Ibiza. Louis Lambert is the 3TTMAN, who deliberately reveals the limit between art and craftsmanship, challenging the prevailing conceptions of “correct” practice in both worlds: the fine arts and urban art.

On the other hand, on the outside, NANO4814 will create a mural in pure color on the 22nd and 23rd of July, in front of the eyes of everyone who wants to get closer to see how he does his work. NANO4814 focuses on concepts such as the idea of ​​the role of the artist in society or the existential pressure of the contemporary individual; everything is camouflaged by a colorist aesthetic that hides, at first glance, transcendental themes.

A few days later, between the 25th and the 29th of July, GREMS will be in charge of putting his work on a giant 30-meter wall. Driven by an insatiable desire to reinvent himself and offer a different perspective on the world, this multidisciplinary artist who combines art and music in his creations always brings new ideas, creating unexpected proposals while maintaining his unique and familiar style.

There will also be creative workshops, on the 13th and 20th of August by the artist HIZE, with their characteristics and colorful abstract shapes, where the assistants will exercise their creativity on Campo Viejo wine bottles, which will sponsor speeches.