Loved Ones – Seres Queridos – Êtres Aimés

Social and artistic project where international artists paint portraits of anonymous choosen by the citizens as Seres Queridos (Loved Ones), on important walls of the city.

Cities: Monterrey – Campeche – Paris (5 editions)

Artists: El Mac, Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, Atma, El niño de las pinturas, Akut, Popay,Saner, Rene Almanza, Mr Kern, C215, Axel Void, Spok.

EL Mac + Sanez. SQ Monterrey

El niño de las pinturas, Campeche 2010

Jorge Rodroguez Jerada Monterrey 2010



Loved Ones is a NOBULO original idea implemented in collaboration with Arto and MARCO in Mexico, and Tous pour l’Art in France.

VIDEO: Êtres Aimés Paris 2013